• The Welder - Guys Limited
  • The Welder - Guys Limited
  • The Welder - Guys Limited
  • The Welder - Guys Limited

The Welder - Guys Limited


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The Goblin Welder is a throwback to the era of Five Color Stax.

The most annoying, enraging, depressing deck that anyone has ever been cursed enough to play against.
Its by far the best way to make someone spend 20 minutes discarding at the end of every turn, looking at their meager board while you cackle and whimsically attack them with Goblin Welder.
Oh, the Goblin Welder, whom is often a favorite target of lightning bolts and the mighty Kird Ape, is the center of this masterpiece.
His days of switching out miscellaneous junk for awesome artifacts may be over, but his spirit will live on in tee form.
This nostalgic reminder of the dark days was fabricated by the illustrious Suffoca, and printed on a white 100% Cotton tee.
Each shirt of this design is tagged with a color coded rarity. 60% of the stock is Uncommon, 30% Rare, 9% Epic, and less than 1% Unique

When worn, this mighty testament to the days gone by will fill your enemies with hopelessness and make them ragequit after about five minutes.

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