Quick MSI Semi-Finals Predictions

Posted: May 12 2016

It's playoffs baby! Time to channel our inner Crumbledore and make our predictions for how the Semi-finals are going to play out at MSI 2016. So far, this has been perhaps the most entertaining international tournament in a very, very long time, primarily because of the level of parity so far. That makes predicting a bit harder, but we're pretty confident about how this is going to play out.

Semi-final 1: RNG vs. SKT

Coming into the tournament, most pundits had these two as the strongest teams in the tournament. While SKT seriously faltered during group stages, we have to believe that SKT will get a playoff buff and start playing like their old selves. There's also a bit of controversy over Bengi potentially starting over Blank, but I'm betting they stick with the new jungler and ultimately overwhelm the surging Chinese team. The RNG AD Carry, Wuxx, just seems too weak and inconsistent to compete with the likes of Bang over an extended series. While Faker hasn't quite looked himself this tournament, and Blank has been quite hit or miss, we think that bot-lane disparity in the Marksman role will be the deciding factor this series.

Prediction: SKT 3 - 1 RNG

Semi-final 2: CLG vs. Flash Wolves

Wait, is that an NA team in the semi-finals of a Riot tournament? And it's CLG??? The pride of NA has stepped up big, and was able to take both group stage games against the Flash Wolves, a record that bodes well for the North American team. While the first game was a close, fought battle, CLG actually looked more impressive in the second bout, taking a lead and running with it for the rest of the game.

We're going to have to admit some bias here towards our boys in CLG, but both teams are very evenly matched. This series should be a close one, and the mismatches in mid lane (in favor of FW) and bot lane (in favor of CLG) should make for some interesting gameplay. This appears to be a series that'll heavily come down to how well each team plays with their jungler, so Xmithie vs. Karsa is the key matchup to watch. It wouldn't be very CLG-like to win a series without giving their fans repeated heart attacks, so we're expecting a nailbiter that goes 5 games. 

Prediction: CLG 3 - 2 Flash Wolves

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