Reasons to Buy Reaper of Souls and Why Diablo 3 Is Actually Good Now

Posted: Mar 24 2014

I can't believe I'm writing this article, although I admit to being slightly late on the bandwagon. I was just skeptical and didn't want to waste my time and money again. After eagerly anticipating the release of Diablo 3 for years, I don't think I had ever been let down by a game as much as D3. There was just so much about it that was wrong. In fact, everything about it was wrong. Real Money Auction House (vomit), hours of grinding blue champ stacks, long, unfulfilling runs, illogical progression in difficulty...It just seemed Blizzard was out of touch and the game was doomed. I even regularly made fun of people who still attemped to play that game.

Well luckily for all of us, that game doesn't even exist anymore (Hooray for the age of internet gaming where you can completely botch a release but still make up for it!). Blizzard could've released this current incarnation of D3 as a completely new game and I'd be ok with it, because everything short of the graphical engine and code is different, and for the better. For a couple of months now my friends have been urging me to try this so called new and improved Diablo, but I hesitated since these were the same people who refused to call it "A giant piece of shit" like me, preferring to call it "A redeemable amount of fecal matter." But one Saturday afternoon upon waking up hungover and having lost my phone in the backseat of a New York City taxi, I figured my day couldn't get much worse so why not give Diablo a second chance...And yeah, the game is pretty freaking good now.

The game always had potential, because after all it is a Diablo game. But Blizzard absolutely listened to everything we hated about the game and weren't afraid to completely flip it on its head and start from scratch. Now, the game isn't exactly perfect, but it's still certainly worth buying and playing, and here are my reasons why the game has evolved.


You don't need to grind annoyingly random and insane packs of champions for hours on end attempting to find even one piece of loot that's useful while dying repeatedly, pigeon-holed into the Nephalem build. The map layouts were also all predictable so it felt like you were just stuck in a loop at some level in hell (pun intended). This was by far the worst part of the game and the biggest departure from D2. I don't want to grind one single run for hours in the same build and get nothing. If I get nothing, at least let me get out and try again, rather than spending hours in one game without realizing I either have to work, sleep, or get a life with zero pieces of loot to show for it!

 2) Pay The Iron Price, God Damn It!

Balon Greyjoy would've cracked some skulls if he knew Blizzard instituted a real money auction house. Well, that crap is gone. I never thought they'd get rid of it, but they did. If you want a piece of loot, you pay the Iron Price! Basically instituting a system where players could not play the game and end up with better rewards than someone who's played for 72 straight hours (What is dead may never die) is not a good idea. Good riddance!



3) Unlimited Paragon

The old Paragon system was just another grind in the grind. To be fair, it's still a grind, but now you get to assign Paragon points to your characters and improve aspects of their stats. Rather than just getting to the "This is when I should start to find some gear...I hope" point, the Paragon points actually allow you to improve your character and make gameplay more enjoyable and rewarding.

 4) Adventure Mode Looks Amazing

The expansion will feature a new open mode of game called Adventure Mode, where essentially you can travel anywhere and do runs/clears to get loot and keys. These keys unlock instanced Rifts, providing another run with higher rewards. This game mode is awesome since I'm the kind of player that loved to clear entire maps even when not necessary, and the whole feel and vibe of exploring the world was always fun. Adventure Mode seems to provide a non-annoying way to get players to consistently experience the always awesome Diablo environment. Plus you get rewarded with Rift keys and supposedly the rifts have ridiculous combos of mobs and even player buffs. Sounds like fun!

 5) Item Changes that Encourage Specs

This one is probably relatively minor to most people, but having items that are awesome for specific builds was such a huge part of why I loved D2 loot. Legendary items need to be legendary and unique. Of course, in D2 everyone wanted +X to all skills, but I like the concept of just doing specific skills, at least for now, to maintain a unique feel to legendary loot.


Take it from someone who absolutely detested Diablo 3 upon release; You need to buy this expansion and start playing again. There are more things I didn't list, but you can find them out from the official site. These are just the aspects of the games that have changed or will be introduced that most greatly influence my entertainment while playing Diablo. I can't wait...It's like September 2013 all over again...Don't let me down this time!

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