Quick Thoughts on Braum: The Newest (And Manliest) New League of Legends Champion

Posted: Apr 24 2014

As most LoL players are probably aware of by now, Riot has previewed the newest champion: Braum, the Heart of the Freljord. As a man of many manly manlyisms, I can't wait for this release. I've recently really become addicted to Thresh since I'm no longer garbage and miss 90% of my hooks and flays, so the idea of another true, dedicated support is surprisingly exciting. If you've played even a few Thresh or Leona games, you can attest to have fun it is to forget CS'ing or kiting and just go HAM with an overpowered kit. 

You can check out the official reveal for the details. He's also available for play on PBE, which I unfortunately haven't got around to testing yet, but will soon. I'll just go over a couple of things that stick out to me that are awesome (potentially) about this champion.

1) Dat Passive.

First, they totally hijacked the name of the passive, Concussive Blows, from the WoW Warrior Prot tree (Do all game designers meet up in some secret club and come up with the name of abilities and just recycle them?), but that's besides the point. Essentially his passive puts a debuff on a target after Braum auto attacks them once. Each additional auto attack from any source will add a stack, and at 4 stacks the target is stunned for 1.25/1.5/1.75 seconds and takes extra magic damage. Think about this scenario...Braum and Lucian bot lane:

Braum auto's enemy adc

Lucian auto's enemy adc

Lucian casts Q or W on enemy adc

Lucian procs passive, fires 2 shots, stuns adc

Lucian casts Q or W on enemy adc, procs another 2 shots

That's a ton of harass. And the best part is the stun cooldown is only 8 seconds. If we use the above scenario, the stun can happen in about 4 seconds, so every 12 seconds or so you could get a stun on the enemy which doesn't require Braum to hit any skill shots, and only has Lucian hitting 2 pretty easy ones that even if they miss will still allow the combo to happen (Due to his passive).  Now you might be saying you can already do that with Leona/Lucian, but that requires you to hit your E, not get flayed out of it or Morgana spellshielded, and requires the use of 2 Leona cooldowns to Braum's 0 since it's his passive. You might also say it's hard to pull of since it requires Braum to be in melee range, but he can even apply the first stack with his Q, which is a pretty high-range skill shot. It's absolutely no contest, and no surprise really because Leona doesn't have an awesome mustache.

2) Wind Wall 2.0

I thought Yasuo's Wind Wall was one of the coolest abilities added to the game, and the community was asking for something like it for some time. Yes, it's annoying when he cancels an entire Ultimate because it clips the corner of his scheister wall, but the idea was pretty cool. Braum also gets a blocking ability called Unbreakable, which is a pretty sick name. Since he's a manly, manly tank, the projectiles still hit him but then get destroyed. So you could block an Ezreal Ult, take reduced damage from it, and it's gone. I like when they add stuff like this in the game because it always leads to interesting gameplay and outplays. I'm not certain because I haven't been able to try it out, but this would also be a super cool siege or anti-siege ability. Turret sieging is one of the most boring and frustrating things in the game. Braum is here to solve that. Imagine a whole team tightly grouping behind Braum to go in for a dive or to finish off a turret. It just seems so silly that it's awesome. Of course tightly grouping against a lot of comps is just instant death, so we'll have to see how this works out.

3) Fucking Yasuo

I mentioned how much I like Wind Wall conceptually but I'd like to add that I fucking hate Yasuo. Seriously, what an annoying champion. You can shut him down the whole game and he can feed, then suddenly he gets like 2-3 items, a good engage, and aces your team. There are more reasons to hate him, but Braum might become just another. Braum's Ult has a knockup...Oh great! Another way to enable Yasuo's Ult. You have Wind Wall + Braum's Unbreakable for entirely way too much projectile blocking. If Yasuo's shield wasn't annoying enough, Braum can leap to him, giving armor and magic resist to make Yasuo not a squishy anymore, and his passive enables that little bastard to stun you. It's just too much. It's like they were a match made in heaven. Fucking Yasuo.

Overall, this looks like a really great release, and a champion that will definitely be fun and interesting to play. Just ban Yasuo, nbd. 

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