Time Flies in New York

Posted: Dec 16 2014


It's been a year and a half since Godmode moved from Boston to New York City. I feel quite shocked really, since it feels like someone is holding fast-forward on my life.



The streets are filled with such unique sights and sounds (as well as smells...) that one does not easily forget. I often find myself grabbing the ninja cam and taking long walks across town.





I'd have to say my favorite part has been the people that I've met. Everyone from all walks of life get mashed into such a small place, so there's really no end to the laughs and adventures.







I know we haven't updated as much as we'd like to, but Godmode is a project built out of passion. We work our day jobs, put what we can towards the business, and marvel at the fact that people would even come here, let alone buy something we've put together from the ground up.


Cheers to you, and thanks for dropping in.

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