OMG PAX 2012

Posted: Apr 10 2012

Boom! Our first PAX was awesome. Feels good man. 

We even printed off some of our Classic Logo shirts, just for the expo. My mission: seek out awesome people and deliver a shirt to them.

Then, drool all over Diablo III. Then, imbibe at the place with the giant Sam Adams face. Then, possibly stalk Jerry and Mike.

BTW, its pretty glorious to have an actual physical representation of what we've been working on for the past few months. It makes me even more antsy to get our packaging and tagging finalized!

The face of this guy here is The Yousef. Godmode Co-Owner, Cage-Match fighter, Gentleman, and Scholar. We went to PAX and rocked its face. And then rocked our faces at the Sam Adams face for untold hours. It got a bit hazy there, but what we do remember, is Sam Adams had a pretty big face. All in all, I say it was great success. Face.

This fella is The Craig. Seasoned PAX Enforcer, Table-Top Champion, and Super Old-School Buddy. We sport matching tattoos, and have known each other since kindergarden. Mr. Craig, here, enforces the ginormous area where people duke it out not so physically in the physical realm. Also, you can't see it, but he totally goes commando under his kilt. Also, that was a lie... Maybe...

My darling Steph, who has been supporting me wholeheartedly through this crazy adventure of building a company. 

She enjoys: playing vintage MTG (her Oath deck annoys me), the Mass Effect series (she chose green), raiding with her Hunter (back during Firelands), and owning me at every opportunity she gets. 6 crazy years together and counting!

The @mimihamburger. Long time buddy and sarcastic extraordinaire. Mimi has been the final boss of the internet for as long as I've known her, which is forever. One time, like 10 years ago as I was walking down the street, a minivan abruptly stopped next to me. Before I knew it, the side door slammed open, and someone reached out and dragged me in. As the van peeled off I then realized that wasn't being kidnapped by a mass murderer rapist, but actually by Mimi and company. She was the getaway driver. Best walk ever, and I got a free ride home. 

Meet Pete (of NEhip-hop) and Jerma (of Machinima). Pete, good friend and american gladiator, has been repping the brand right from the beginning. To the degree of actually being there and giving input back when the Godmode was nothing but an idea. Jerma has his own series on Machinima as Grandpa is an MLG Pro, which is friggin hilarious

And suddenly, a wild Mike and Jerry appears! We found these guys doing an interview with a lady with large boots in a random unpopulated corner of the expo. We waited patiently for our chance to strike! I had all sorts of stuff I wanted to say!

Then I cheesed up wicked bad! It was like I was meeting super-heros for the first time. My mind went blank, I shook hands, stumbled through a couple poorly thought-out sentences, and had some dude snap a picture of us. I'm totally lame. Whatever. Piss off. I have a picture with Mike and Jerry.

This is a bit more accurate:

Wow! You're the Grand Champion! I saw your fight against the Gray Prince! You're the best! Can I... Can I follow you around? I won't get in the way!"

Not only did we find Tycho and Gabe, but we stumbled across Erika! Who was super nice, and very patient with me getting trapped in my backpack and camera strap. Some dude from the booth told me to "go do this somewhere else." Listen pal, I got a picture of Erika. And you do not, boothman. Right here and now, I'm coining the term Boothblocked.

Maybe next year we'll get our own booth at PAX. Then we can too shake our canes and yell in our old man voices at hooligans.

On Friday, we caught up with Reanimator Lovejoy of Protomen! It was awesome. He rocked our shirt at PAX! So glorious.


We took a mini PAX-break later on, and hung out while we recharged and waited for Protomen start. It gets foggy, but we got there early enough to see sound check.

I have to say, the show was awesome. Having never seen them before, I was pretty blown away. Theres nothing quite like the live experience. In an age of digital downloads and MP3 players, you just have to set some time aside to really experience a band pour themselves out into sound.

It was a Circus of Awesome.

Speaking of Rockbands. Mordin Solus playing rockband was hilarious.

We had so much fun at PAX East 2012! See you all next year!

Rock on,


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