We're finally out of bat country (thank Raptor Jesus)

Posted: Nov 16 2012

Well, the past 9 months have truly been quite the adventure...

I thought I knew so much about the graphic tee industry when we first started this. I mean, why not? I had spent the last three years of my life playing Oompa Loompa with the Willy Wonka of T-shirt companies.

Alas, when I look back on the conception of this company, I realize I was like a toddler reaching into a pot of boiling hot soup. Preferably chicken. My hand still hurts.

The amount of work that goes into creating products on this level is insane. The hours are insane. The headaches are insane. The people are insane. The work ethic is insane. Everything's cray. I think I've gone a bit cray myself...

To quote the acclaimed Wabbajack:

"Maybe I'm smarter because I know cats can be bats can be rats can be hats can be gnats can be that's can be thises. And that doors can be boars can be snores can be floors can be roars can be spores can be yours can be mine. I must be smart, for the interconnective system is very clear to me. Then why, or wherefore do people keep calling me mad?
Wabbajack. Wabbajack. Wabbajack."

Thats pretty much where my mind is now, but damn does it feel good. There is a certain high you get from pushing yourself to the brink (and then maybe some more after that) to take something from concept to reality.

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