Hearthstone League of Explorers: Video Guide to Uldaman Heroic Bosses

Posted: Nov 20 2015

Welcome to the second installment of the League of Explorers guide to heroic bosses! After some feedback, I've decided to record the games and upload them to make it easier to follow. Hopefully you enjoy this method more!

Compared to the first wing, these bosses are relatively similar difficult, though I did find the first boss, Scarvash needs a lot of luck/RNG to win. Again, I tried to use budget decks, but Scarvash didn't really let me do that, as explained below, so I picked clips of some of the worst RNG/draws to show how to handle it when things aren't going great.

First Boss: Heroic Scarvash


Out of all the heroic fights, this one is just mostly annoying and not very well thought out. I tried desperately to make this work with a cheap deck, tried outsmarting the fight many times, but ultimately taking 11 damage by turn 2 and having 3 powerful creatures on board just requires some good cards to deal with. He will alternate between making spells or minions cost 11 on your turn, so playing any type of aggro was out of the question. I only knew one way of dealing with getting wrecked quickly.

The Deck: Handlock

I used a traditional Hand Lock deck with Doomsayer (Boss doesn't swing at it) to turn the tides of the game after taking a pounding from his board. Ultimately not much else matters, but I put in healing creatures like Healbot and Refreshment vendor to avoid dying, and Siphon Soul in case I couldn't easily remove a card. I would recommend playing Shadowflame as well. Most of the deck is moot if you can't get a big double taunt off.

Playing the Matchup


As you can see I mulligan for a Doomsayer. He can occasionally play Convert to kill it, when that happened I just conceded and started over. I used Annoy-a-Tron to keep me afloat until I could get into a double giant taunt on turn 6.

The trap he plays will do 5 damage to a random enemy when you use your Hero Power, so make sure you only use it when the trap isn't up or you can afford to take 5 to the face. Once you have taunts up it's just a matter of hitting him hard and using a couple minion heals to make sure you don't die.

Again, this one is super frustrating if you don't get the right hand, so just keep mull'ing until you get a nice Giant combo off.

Second Boss: Heroic Mine Shaft


Similar to the Temple Escape in the first wing, this boss is just about surviving 10 turns with only 2 mana. The 1 cost cards you get though are very powerful, and it's just a matter of making the right choice each turn since you can only ever play 2 cards or 1 card and Hero Power.

Playing the Matchup

I got pretty screwed with card draw on this, but it was still relatively easy. There isn't really a set method to win, just make smart trades and kill off the board when you can. Save the 10 damage spell for the 6/6 guys and only skip a turn if you won't die from losing tempo. This run was possibly the worst one I did, so it's a good look at how to still win despite having bad answers.


Third Boss: Heroic Archaedas


This is a great boss encounter with interesting mechanics. Since Archaedas will always hero power to make a 0/5 statue for himself and an 0/2 for you, there are lots of ways to play around this mechanic to your advantage such that I was able to do it with a cheap Control Warrior Deck. The main spells to worry about here are the Paladin trap Sacred Trial, which will kill off the next creature you play if you have 3+ on the board already. He also plays Entomb, which will take your best creature on the board and shuffle it into his deck instead, which is why I don't really play any good standalone creatures. And finally, Shattering Spree, which will kill off ALL statues and do 3 damage per each statue killed to any target. 

The main point of the fight is to minimize the amount of statues on the board, while using creature bufs to make your statues work for you. Clever trading and board control will win you the fight.

The Deck: Control/Bolster Warrior

I used a cheapo Control Warrior/Bolster deck with Raid Leaders and Dire Wolph Alpha to buff the statues and also give my teeny creatures more power, and Defender of Argus to supplement that as well. Having Brawl is really important if things get out of hand quick (And they do), and having weapons and standard warrior control spells (Bash, Execute) should be enough to control the board so you can kill him. This encounter isn't so much about what's in your deck but how you play around him, so there's a lot of flexibility.

Playing the Matchup


Getting the execute makes my starting hand great because I can slow up his ramp. I immediately start to trade into his statues so they don't become unmanageable and then buff my board with an early Raid Leader I elected to keep in my hand. 

From that point on he was way behind already and I was able to clear anything he put out, using the statues he gave me to trade in to his minions to avoid a massive Shattering Spree. 

I play Argus on turn 6 to trigger the trap since I don't care if Argus dies, his effect still hits the board. Once I easily kill off the 7/6 he drops on turn 6 it becomes smooth sailing, because Archaedes only has single target removal and can't deal with a board full of minions.


Thanks for reading/watching and stay tuned for the next wing!

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