Today Has Definitely Felt Surreal

Posted: Dec 13 2012

Its only five hours away from our first release, and I feel anxious, excited, happy, and scared all at once. I hope everyone likes what we've worked so hard to create.

I've also been juggling a few games the past couple weeks in my downtime. Borderlands 2, Skyrim DLC, Arma2 (with some DayZ in there), and Far Cry 3. I have to say that its mostly been FC3, and it has been slightly more fun than Arma. The fluid mobility is just great. 

Borderlands 2 was great. The story was funny, and Tiny Tina made me laugh out loud multiple times. My only regret is that I came into the game late, and spent my time lagging behind my friends while they nuked EVERYTHING. I think it deserves a good solo play-through so I can pick up on all the nuances of the story line.

The Dragonborn DLC was creamed in no time, and I one shotted the Ebony Warrior (dat smithing). I'll probably revisit it when it comes out for PC and do all the side quests. It just felt wrong playing without the mods.

I certainly don't want to disparage Bethesda's game engine, but a small part of me wishes the next TES title to be built with CryEngine, or at least take home some lessons on mobility. Playing Skyrim after FC3 makes me feel so sluggish...

Ok, back to pacing about my living room.


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