Godmode Homebase

Posted: Dec 21 2012

A small list of perks to working at home:

- Loud music whenever.

- Beer for breakfast.

- Sleep whenever.

- Lunch break video game time.

- Insane productivity.


Home office is best office.

I've spent a good part of my days looking over each shirt for defects, and packaging up them by hand. One design set takes about 14 hours with 2-3 people, so we've been cranking music, joking around, and brainstorming for our next release.

Its necessary to have protectors. When I was a kid I always wanted to join the empire. Not sure why. He protects my vintage deck.

On the right is one of our unique shirts before we packaged it up. While you're indoors, the godmode logo stays off-white, but when you walk into sunlight it turns orange.

Music picks for today:


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