Posted: Jun 18 2013

So now that I've had some time to digest E3 and the awesomeness of coming games/consoles starting Q3 2013, it's time to talk about the thing I'm most excited about in the near future (excluding releasing new shirts, of course...And Game of Thrones box set)...NEW GRAN TURISMO! And new Grand Theft Auto too? Ridiculous. I'm not even sure I'll be able to work for at least a year. Good luck, Chris.

While Gran Turismo and racing games in general have never been really the kind of staple in competitive gaming that FPS' or even ridiculous crap like Super Smash Bros. (That game sucks, by the way) have been, the Gran Turismo franchise may possibly be my favorite games of all time. I remember picking up the original Gran Turismo for Christmas 1998, when I was 11 years old, and rather quickly transforming into a mega car buff. GT taught me basically everything I know about cars, and unlike most previous racing games, had an awesomely developed sense of progression and reward for time/risk invested. 

Seriously, the whole license structure was almost perfect. A game in 1997/8 that actually had an in-depth training aspect that perfectly translated to actual track difficulty? I'm 26 years old now and 15 years later I still play that game in awe. So naturally I'm basically pissing my pants waiting for this to come out. I'm a little bummed that it isn't coming out for PS4, but if you haven't seen the trailers, you have to watch it now. In fact if you don't watch it now, you're an ass. 

I know people like Forza and all those other clearly second-string games, but Gran Turismo is just so real I don't understand why you would play anything else. So you play video games to escape reality or just have fun? Well GT i the closest thing you'll probably ever get to driving a million dollar car at 230 MPH. How is that less fun? As far as wishes and wants go for the new GT 6, I have none...Just keeping doing awesome.
Next up is GTA 5. YES! YES! Finally! It hasn't even been that long, but I need a new Grand Theft Auto and I needed it yesterday. I'm not sure there's any 1 Player game that's as entertaining to play with multiple people. It's just endless hilarity, and that weird balance between really wanting your friend to continue their rampage and hoping they die soon so you get your turn. That's right, GTA actually makes you a better friend.
And now we're getting multiple playable characters with specific "Special abilities." along with a totally revamped gameplay engine? The game is supposedly absolutely huge and vehicle diverse. I'm definitely not working for a year. All I really hope is that they keep the storyline in tact with the different character PoVs and don't diminish the experience we're used to of playing through a great story as one guy.  And I suppose some new guns wouldn't hurt. Check it, check it.
Somehow I've managed to avoid buying a PS3 up until now. GT 6 really leaves me no choice. You got me, Sony. But on the bright side the amount of money I'll save by never leaving my apartment will actually result in a net gain and thus become a fiscally responsible investment. Or at least that's what I'll tell everyone. Plus, it's going to be quite educational to learn much more about cars I will never afford, let alone drive, and I'll most likely have considerable skills as a mob peon or convicted felon. 
Now excuse me, if you will, while I go play an unhealthy amount of Crossover Mario Bros. until these games come out.

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