Godmode Youtube Champions


What is your name? Matt "TrueTriz"

What is your quest? I want to change lives. Through my 350+ videos, I have never shown my face. Many subscribers have been asking for a glimpse of my beautiful face. Why don't I show my face? I could be anyone. I could be your best friend, classmate, co-worker, coach, neighbor, relative etc. If you enjoy my content of my character, there is no need to see my face, right? I want people to notice that personality makes a person, not what they look like. Will there be a time I will show my face? Yes. When? When the time is right. 

What is your favorite gaming platform of all time? Xbox 360

First game you ever played? Army Men II (PC)

Kird Ape vs Tiger Jesus, who wins? Tiger Jesus, of course.

Who/What inspired you to rock Youtube in the face? Adam Weishaupt and Mr ChiCity

Hidden Talent? Beast table tennis player 


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