That's right my friends, everything you see here is sourced, printed, cut, boxed, back-flipped, and packed right here in the USA. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, cheap tees.

Dudes, whats the deal with the Limited shirts, and how does random rarity work?

We spend a great deal of time and resources producing a very small quantity of high quality, well packaged, masterfully designed products that are always Uncommon.

So thats where we started. 60% of each Limited design is adorned with a green Uncommon tag, that proclaims to all that this shirt something very few people have. To take it further, we tagged the remaining shirts with even harder to get tags. 30% of each design are tagged Rare, 9% Epic, and less than 1%, the most coveted Unique

Unique may have alternate art, different colors, glow in the dark or metallic ink... the possibilities are endless.

But be assured, if you open your shirt and find an orange tag, that you have in your possession a one of a kind shirt, different from even the other Uniques in that design set.

Our shirts are packaged up, randomized, and sent out without knowing what color tag we're sending. Making it the only rarity based blind box tee ever sold!

Dudes, whats the Common Rarity?

We’re aware that some people don’t really care about rarity or packaging. They just want to buy a shirt, and we respect that.

This tier is called Common. There’s no rarity table, packaging or limited numbers, just a straight up ultra-high quality tee that costs less to produce, therefore coming in at a lower price point. This is a direct result of your feedback.

However, don’t mistake the lower price point for lower quality. We use all the same ingredients, arcane sacraments, and spirits we normally use in the production of these little beauties.


Hey, let's talk about stuff!

Sure thing pals. If you need to contact us, send us a message through the internets and we'll have our special canine operator respond.

Give us a ring anytime at orders@godmodeclothing.com

We're usually sober enough to answer your questions between the hours of 10am - 6pm.

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