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The Beginning
Godmode clothing was created by Chris Miller, Yousef Debs, and a bunch of their awesome friends who love graphic tees almost as much as they love video games.

Once upon a time, Chris lost his job. Seems like a bummer, but in actuality it allowed him to really think about what he wanted out of life.
Knowing that most of the time people spend almost all of their lives working, he knew he wanted to do something on his own terms.
He wanted to wake up in the morning absolutely pumped that he was about to start working.

Chris had a lot of experience in the graphic tee industry, photography, Information Technology, and playing video games. Though that left him quite a few options, the obvious choice was video games.
He loves them, owns probably way too many of them, and has logged far too many hours with them.

With all of all of that experience, he figured he just might be able to pull it off, but first he needed help from his friends.

Many get togethers turned into ways this unnamed T-Shirt company could be transformed from concept into awesome. It was all he could talk about, and ideas started flying around like crazy.

Enter the Yousef, Chris' long time buddy and video game extraordinaire. With his mathematical mind, super powers, and love for video game tees, he made a perfect compliment to the budding company.

Disappointed with the state of most video game tee companies, they decided that their company should be defined by a few different factors:

-Un-wavering attention to detail.
-Limited edition, high quality American-made goods.
-Masterful Packaging
-Clever designs.

After much debate the name Godmode was chosen. Its derived from the classic invulnerability cheat, but to them, Godmode is a mentality; a point were you get so damn good at something it seems like you're cheating. The state in which you are the best of the best.

Godmode is when you make people rage-quit from an online match. Its when you go on your longest kill-streak, when come out on top against overwhelming odds, or when people accuse you of being a cheater for being that good.

Every once in a while people have some real Godmode moments, where they just pull off the most insane move in real life or in their own virtual world.

To us, thats what Godmode is.

The Product

With the combined brain power of business partners and friends alike, Godmode became limited edition tees, packed up just like NES games, and tagged just like loot drops from video games.

We spend a great deal of time and resources producing a very small quantity of high quality, well packaged, masterfully designed products that are always Uncommon.

So thats where we started. 60% of each design is adorned with a green Uncommon tag, that proclaims to all that this shirt something very few people have. To take it further, we tagged the remaining shirts with even harder to get tags. 30% of each design are tagged Rare, 9% Epic, and less than 1%, the most coveted Unique.

A Unique may have alternate art, different colors, glow in the dark or metallic ink... the possibilities are endless.
But be assured, if you open your shirt and find an orange tag, that you have in your possession a one of a kind shirt, different from even the other Uniques in that design set.

Our shirts are packaged up, randomized, and sent out without knowing what color tag we're sending. Making it the only rarity based blind box tee ever sold!

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