• Dovapowered Tshirt - Guys Common
  • Dovapowered Tshirt - Guys Common
  • Dovapowered Tshirt - Guys Common
  • Dovapowered Tshirt - Guys Common

Dovapowered Tshirt - Guys Common


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Dear Journal,
Here is my account of Loredas, 17th of the Morning Star, 4E 202,
-Woke up. Drank 20 bottles of mead.
-Got hungry. Went to the river and ate 15 raw Salmon.
-Need money. Found a small shack. Killed a bandit. Hidden door behind the bookcase in the basement. More bandits. Found a delicious sweet roll.
-Walking back home, saw a dragon. Punched it to death. Stole its soul. Then I stole its bones. Why can't I hold all these dragon bones? Hm, can't eat them... :/
-The sun is setting. Freakin' tree thing jumped me while I was eating my 35 loaves of bread... Sounded like a bunch of bees. Ate its taproot and got a sweet potion idea.
-A beautiful butterfly flew by me. It had blue wings. It tasted good.
-Ran into a Hagraven. Its feathers had the distinct flavor of bacon. I think tomorrow I will find more of these tasty beasts.
-Stopped in Whiterun for a quick leg of goat. Saw that pompous prick Nazeem. He went off prattling about the cloud district again. When the guards weren't looking I trapped him in a spare soul gem.
-Dropped by Farengar's and used Nazeem's soul to enchant my boots. Stomped around the cloud district. Lawls ensued and we drank like 10 jugs of wine.

This vestment is printed on a Slate colored, 100% cotton, high-quality tshirt and provides a 40% damage buff to chewing attacks. 

Each Common tee is of Unlimited nature and is restocked based upon demand. If your size is sold out, you can follow us on Facebook for regular updates.

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